Until a few years ago

reaching clients was somewhat complicated

Fax, Phone, Post, Client Index Card

Today with Pulseem

Speed& precision bring results!

Let's begin by sending a newsletter

A sleekly designed& responsive marketing tool for precise large-scale online marketing. The ideal solution for customer retention and call-to-action has never been easier to create with Pulseem's advanced editor.
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Mobile-focused marketing

SMS campaigns

SMS are the best way to boost sales – they're short, quick, go straight to mobile and everyone reads them.Pulseem provides various tool to leap, send and create the perfecct SMS message - use them regularly and watch your sales grow.
A click and a half and you're good to go


If not text than image

MMS campaigns

They say that sending a pic via mobile is worth a thousand words. Combining short texts with images or video creates a message with true added value. High conversion rates guaranteed.
Two clicks and you've got a campaign


The next exciting step

Landing Pages and Surveys

Want more clients? Extra revenue? A tailor-designed landing page will take your business to the next level.The bonus: it's sophisticated, easy to use and a free service.
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