The Automatic Social Sharing Mechanism

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The Automatic Social Sharing Mechanism

The Automatic Social Sharing Mechanism:
What is it and What is it Good For?

Pulseem's expert team added a new feature to its system, which allows you to share your message in real-time (or any other time) on diverse social media.

Share, share and share again

In today's modern age, sharing has become an important business tool. The internet and especially social media allow businesses to share valuable information at the click of a button, and reach many people at short time intervals. This is called viral marketing, and it goes extremely well with word-of-mouth marketing. Social networks such as Facebook, the world's largest social platform, allow individuals and business to share information with large audiences.

Spice it up& make it viral

Pulseem's mailing system allows businesses to add a share button to their email marketing messages. This enables recipients to instantly respond to messages and share them. It's an extremely effective way for you to spread your message.

Pulse Pages works for you

Business can also use Pulse Pages to build diverse landing pages that match their creative preferences and practical needs. Our landing pages are full adaptable to social media, including Facebook, and can help you connect your content to all possible content platforms.

Be social– it's advantageous

Sharing has its obvious advantages:

·Real-time synchronization– the Pulseem system allows you to send your marketing message to your connections on social media.

·Higher exposure level to target audiences– sharing on social media helps you increase your audience– and expand your sales.

·Feedback– sharing helps you create a dialogue with your recipients and get feedback on your marketing content (before or after you send it out), allowing you to make necessary changes.

We invite you to enjoy the many advantages of the Pulseem system.

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