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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be classified into three categories, which in turn can be compared to marketing via post office mail, sending a printed newsletter and running an ad in the paper. Yet there's one major difference, and that's the increase in sales.

Sending marketing content via email to a group of recipients is called email marketing. Compared to other marketing strategies, email marketing is more focused (and is therefore much cheaper). Email marketing has several main goals: recruiting new clients, retaining existing clients and keeping clients up to date. To achieve these goals, email marketing exercises three main marketing strategies:

·Direct email marketing– sending an email with a marketing message. For example: a special sale, a new service, a new product and so on. These messages are sent via email to potential client lists, in order to enhance business sales.

·Customer retention– this strategy helps businesses maintain a long-term relationship with their customers, providing added value that goes beyond the standard marketing content. The content is usually entertaining to the reader, or of practical value.

·Advertising in other businesses' emails– Instead of producing a newsletter, many businesses choose to advertise their businesses by running an ad in other business's newsletters, thereby reaching new potential clients. In fact, many newsletters exist for the sole purpose of promoting other products or services.

So, where's the catch?

Email marketing is not as simple as it sounds. First of all, you need to make sure your email is properly designed and sent to the right recipients. Second, you need to make your recipients open you email, read it and react to its content. You also need to track your activities and analyze your results. That's why we developed an advanced system that allows you to maximize your success and directly access both existing and potential clients.

Remember: persistence leads to success

Sending emails is an essential part of any sales strategy. Most of the work focuses on building an authorized email address database. Sending a marketing email to promote a business isn’t hard, but if you don't put everything you have into it, you won't reach the results you're looking for.

Pulseem expands your possibilities

Pulseem's advanced email marketing system includes all of the most popular marketing email functions– from newsletters, SMS and MMS to landing pages and smart client management. The system will help you market yourself in unique and efficient fashion, retain existing clients and add new ones, promote your business activities and show your recipients how much they mean to you.

How does our system do all of this? Contact us and discover the secret of Pulseem.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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