What is Internet Mailing?

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What is Internet Mailing?

What is Internet Mailing?

Today, a large portion of the population of Israel uses email services, and is thus eligible to receive emails from your business. At Pulseem, we are here to provide you with an integrated mailing system (one of the most advanced in the market), which complies with all regulations and fits your needs.

Internet mailing is a business service based on an advanced system that sends emails and SMS in precise, focused and deliverable fashion to registered clients' inboxes or mobile phones.

We set out on a mission: to help you get what you want

The main objective of Pulseem's mailing system is to deliver your messages and make them work for you. How do we do it? By increasing your client database and strengthening the bond with your recipients. Advanced tools bring results, so that's why we provide you with a toolbox geared to help you fulfill your professional potential.

Pulseem– all the internet mailing solutions you need

Pulseem was established in 2008 by young and ambitious professionals, and has since grown to become one of the leading online platforms for businesses. We save our clients time and money, provide results, never compromise when it comes to creativity and aim for the high sky– and beyond.

Have you heard about our integrated mailing system?

Our mailing system allows you to reach your clients with maximum precision, quickness and cost-effectiveness. We invested our best assets to bring you high deliverability levels, special features, increased open rates and additional surprises.

What are the pluses?

·A rise in sales– You'll be able to reach more clients, expand your business and increase profits.

·Keeping in touch– You'll be able to stay in constant touch with clients, reinforce your image and improve your quality-of-service. You'll also be able to personalize each and every one of your messages.

·Result analysis– You'll be able to analyze your mailing results by using our diverse and advance tools, which we developed just for you.

·Deliverability, deliverability, deliverability– Due to the Pulseem system, your emails will legally reach your registered clients' inbox– and not the SPAM box.

With all of this, you know you want to hear more! Contact us today. We'll be happy to be your partners in success.


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