Loyalty Program Establishment and Management: Here's How to get it Right

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Loyalty Program Establishment and Management: Here's How to get it Right

Loyalty Program Establishment and Management:
Here's How to get it Right

With our advanced system, you can effectively manage your own loyalty program at an extremely low cost, and enjoy high mailing deliverability. Sounds like a far-fetched dream? It's not. It's called Pulseem.

If you realize the importance of keeping in touch with your clients, and have learned that retaining existing clients requires fewer resources than attracting new ones– loyalty programs are for you. All you need is an advanced system that can manage your client database. A system like the one we've developed.

Let's delve into the statistics

According to the statistics, the cost of landing a new client is five time the cost of retaining an existing one. Social media has extenuated this ratio, while research shows that a loyal customer will spend more on a brand he or she is emotionally connected to than other unknown brands. Therefore, it is pretty clear why loyalty programs are a must for many businesses.

The advantages of loyalty programs

· Keeping in touch with loyal customers

· Turning incidental customers into regular customers

· Each customer receives personal treatment

· Your business is perceived as a leader within its field of expertise

· Cultivating mutual communication with customers

· Putting customer data to practical use

Where do we go from here? The steps to establishing a loyalty program

·Planning& infrastructure– putting together a marketing plan, based on target audience analysis and added value for members

·Databases– mailing list building and management

·Content– articles and relevant content for distribution

·Ongoing management– content distribution, reply management, handling various customer types and more

·Monitoring and result analysis– for enhanced performance, statistics and more

You don’t have to do it alone. That's why we're here

When established and managed properly, loyalty programs can be extremely effective marketing channels– and they're also less expensive than other marketing media. Customers are reached via mailing, which can include emails, text messages and social media.

With Pulseem's smart mailing and SMS mailing system, you too can establish, operate and manage your loyalty program in optimal fashion– and make a profit.

Want more information on loyalty programs? Contact us today for a commitment-free meeting. The coffee's on us!


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