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The Pulse You Need for Your Next Newsletter

The Pulse You Need for Your Next Newsletter

The goal: to avoid "back doors" and to get in through the front gate. The means: added value for readers.

If you still haven't gotten your hands on the integrated Pulseem system, now is the time. If you have, it's time to put it to good use. Here are a few creative ideas that will help you clarify your newsletter message in precise fashion– leading to high deliverability rates.

Think about what interests your clients

What are your clients searching for? What can they use? Which tips can help them better manage their time? These questions, among others, will help you create a message with added value. A message that'll keep your clients waiting for your next newsletter.

Add color to your advertising

Other businesses running their ads in your newsletter can be advantageous, assuming the ads are related to your content and target audience. It's important to remember that matching between ads and newsletter content is an art form. This is where Pulseem comes in. Our system allows you to add files and photos to your newsletters with ease and efficiency.

Use current events

Stories are the ideal medium for getting your message across. Find a story circulating in the current media, for example, and use it to paint a broad picture of your field of expertise and your added value in today's market. It's an awesome way to enrich you clients with valuable information.

Tell a personal story

Hard work over long time periods has its challenges, dilemmas and tough decisions. Share your success stories with your clients, and don’t be afraid to leave in the challenges you had to deal with and the lessons you have learned. You can be certain they'll enjoy reading about your journey.

Ask your readers what they think

Strengthen your connection with your readers by allowing them to take a stand. If you want your newsletter to hit the bull's eye, you have to listen to your audience and ask your readers what they want to read. With Pulse Analytics, you can perform ongoing monitoring and receive real-time data regarding your campaign.

According to the statistics, most people like statistics

The statistics speak for themselves: people like statistics, and they really like articles that delve into stat-related data. Just think of the last "5 Best Ways To" or "7 Best Tips" articles you read. It's always interesting– and that's a fact.

Thirsty for more newsletter ideas? Give us a call. The Pulseem staff will be happy to help you find the ideal formula for your next newsletter!


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