PSocial: Social Media Data Management

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PSocial: Social Media Data Management

PSocial: Social Media Data Management

In today's world, our social capital is measured not only by our close friends and colleagues, but also by large social networks that include friends and friends of friends (and their friends). However you choose to look at it, the sum is always much larger than its parts.

The 'social' world in which we live in allows us to meet countless new people every day. Clientwise, the business consequences can be pretty amazing. Pulseem's PSocial system allows you to harness the unlimited potential of social media and expand the number of people that are exposed to your emails– thus increasing your clientele. How can you do this? It's actually a lot easier than you think.

The key word is 'share'

Today, almost every respected company and organization uses social media. Owning and operating a business page on diverse social media allows businesses to keep in close contact with all of their clients and make sure they're up to date on all the latest products, services, bargains and more. Yet not everyone's getting the most out of social media, due to lack of time or social platform inexperience.

This is where PSocial comes in

Once upon a time, fan page management was pretty complicated. Today, it's pretty easy. Our system allows you enhance your social presence, while saving precious time and minimizing the complexities of social media. PSocial will help you share and distribute your email content at the push of a button– across all of your social media platforms.

The more attractive the content, the more people will share it

We like to think of ways for making things easier for you in advance. That's why we came up with the Join button, which can be found on your emails and helps your readers follow and like your content. PSocial also embeds Like and Share buttons within every email, so that your followers can easily share your content on their wall.

All the Pulse you need

One last reminder: don't forget that social media is a unique window for opportunity that should be used to the hilt. If you don’t do it, someone else will. With PSocial, you can utilize all the unique possibilities that social networks have to offer– and establish your advantage over the competition.

You can give your emails a boost at any given moment. Contact us today for more information on how you can enhance your social media presence!


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