How to Avoid Junk Mail and Save Your Emails

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How to Avoid Junk Mail and Save Your Emails

How to Avoid Junk Mail and Save Your Emails

Junk mail is considered one of the internet's most annoying side effects– and rightfully so. That is why email services and software providers do everything in their power to keep junk mail out of your inbox. But they may also accidently prevent your subscribers from getting your emails.

There are countless software that classify emails in order to filter junk mail out of inboxes. As a business, this impacts you directly, because if your email is classified as junk mail it will be deleted or sent to spam, and your recipient will never see your content.

A 'triangular' problem

·Angle 1: Junk mail filtering software is not perfect– they sometimes target legitimate emails as junk. This is called a 'false positive': licensed marketing content that is classified as junk mail. So even if your email is legit, it may still hit an unforgiving wall.

·Angle 2: There a countless of junk mail filtering software– every software uses a different approach to preventing junk mail from entering inboxes. As a result, businesses find it hard to send licensed emails and reach high levels of deliverability.

·Angle 3: Software does not supply alerts– In 60% of the cases where your emails are classified as junk mail, you won't even know about it. This is because junk mail filtering software will not notify you that you email has been blocked. You will have a deliverability problem and you won’t even know it– and will therefore not fix it.

Deliverability is a big problem, but it can be addressed. Pulseem has the solution.

If you have problems passing email filters and increasing your deliverability, there are things you can do. Pulseem's staff works day and night to find the right solutions for you, even if you're not even aware you have a problem. Our integrated mailing system will provide you with a precise and effective solution to your deliverability problems, and help you reach your recipients' inboxes.

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