Why You Need Responsive Email Marketing

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Why You Need Responsive Email Marketing

Why You Need Responsive Email Marketing

Most modern business owners have already come to realize that internet users mainly use their mobiles to surf the net. So the next time you invest in an email marketing campaign, make sure that your content automatically adjusts to diverse screen sizes. Say hello to responsive email marketing.

The data speaks for itself– almost 80% percent of link clicks take place on Smartphones, PC's and Tablets. As the demand for email marketing on Smartphone rises, we decided to adapt our system and all of our templates to Smartphone.

Our research led us to the following conclusions:

There are two types of mobile responsiveness, but no email marketing company can give a simultaneous solution that includes them both. Except for Pulseem. We offer you a robust solution to both configurations.

Two types of responsiveness– here's what the experts say:

Responsive email– the goal here is to change the design of the email so that it fits the mobile screen size.

·The advantages: the responsive email technique is an ideal solution for short-info emails.

·The disadvantages: not recommended for long messages

Mobile-based email/newsletter– the email design doesn't change, just the size. The content is displayed in full on the screen, and can be enlarged or minimized as needed.

·The advantages: ideal for those who send a lot of content or a sole photo.

·The disadvantages: requires enlarging and minimizing when necessary.

The choice is yours!

With Pulseem's integrated system, you'll have everything you need to select the choice that best suits your needs.

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