How Can I Get the Best Results From My Campaign

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How Can I Get the Best Results From My Campaign

How Can I Get the Best Results From My Campaign?

A successful mailing campaign should include an amazing design, an unforgettable subject line and spot-on content. Apply these three parameters within an advanced mailing system– and optimal results will follow.

Pulse Analytics is a Pulseem system application that allows us, among other things, to perform result-based mailing. We use real-time tracking, stats and analysis, as well as sample campaigns, to help our clients fine-tune their marketing efforts. We base our future marketing strategy planning on our result analysis– in order to make sure that it hits the bull's eye.

Here are your options:

· Receive statistics regarding the quality of your campaign, number of email reads and clicks

· View data on an advanced easy-to-understand graphic display

· Receive email opening stats from mobile and pc

· Conduct campaign A/B testing

· Receive expert reporting

· Restore an old campaign that had been erased

Want an example?

Let's say you don’t know what kind of campaign suits you best. You can try out a few marketing strategies on small focus groups. The system will sample the results and send the email that got the best response to the rest of the people on your mailing list. This is what Pulse Anayltics does: finds the winning formula for your campaign, with quickness and ease.

We'll stick around after the emails are sent out

The Pulseem system's role doesn’t end when the emails are sent. Why? Because after they're sent, you can view the results on an advanced graphic display and better understand the big picture. You'll be able to analyze each campaign, gain insights into your clients' behavior and fine-tune your future campaigns.

With Pulseem, you get the plus side

There are many more ways that can help you maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing. We're here to introduce you to all of them. The tools at our disposal are knowledge, experience, advanced technology, creativity and vision. We'll keep on bringing innovation to your doorstep, and you can continue making the best of Israel's most advanced mailing system.

Wantmore information on Pulse Analytics? Contact us today. We'll be happy to meet with you and outline the solutions that best fit your needs.


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