Sending Invoices in a Single Pulse – If You're not There, You Don't Exist

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Sending Invoices in a Single Pulse – If You're not There, You Don't Exist

Sending Invoices in a Single Pulse– If You're not There, You Don't Exist

In a world where progress and technology go hand in hand and time equals money, Pulseem

provides modern businesses with a solution to one of their most burning needs– payment collection.

Don't underestimate the importance of the invoice. An invoice is not a meaningless piece of paper, but rather a document that states the value of your work. With every day that passes without your invoice arriving at its destination, your losses will accumulate. The good news? We're here to make things more efficient.

It all adds up to three main values by Pulseem:

·Service– our innovative system can help you save precious time and better utilize your resources. Our system allows you to send invoices via email, and our support team is standing by to help, should you encounter any difficulties.

·Technology– our system includes a hoard of efficient functions that are aligned with tax authority regulations and save you unnecessary worry. Once you've sent your invoice, you can produce a statistics report with all the important little details– who opened the invoice, did he or she click on any of the links (assuming there are links), and more. With our system, you'll have all the guarantees you need.

·Deliverability– how does one get past the greatest barrier of all– the SPAM inbox? Our system ensures high deliverability rates. Even if your invoice file is large, don't you worry: It'll reach your client's inbox.

With Pulseem, size doesn’t matter

We prefer to solve problems before they occur, and before you even know you have to deal with them. Sending large files is one of them.

The problem– large files may end up in the SPAM inbox.

The solution– easy. Use the Pulseem system, which is designed for sending large files.

How does it work? We rely on extensive knowledge and experience in the world of electronic mailing. We know that sending large files requires many resources, which may hamper the entire process. So that's why we planned a unique system that overcomes such problems and ensures that each file you send safely arrive at its destination. To us, size simply doesn’t matter.

We believe that problems should not be anticipated, but simply avoided in advance. We are chock full of advanced solutions that'll make things easier for you. Want to hear more? We're here for you. Contact us today and find out what solutions have planned for you!


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