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It's Time to Get to Know Pulseem – Where Successful Mailing is Born

It's Time to Get to Know Pulseem– Where Successful Mailing is Born

Pulseem's integrated system is designed to allow you to reach your clients with maximum ease, precision and comfort, via email and text messages. How? By using advanced mailing management and message monitoring tools.

The common problem: sending large amounts of SMS can limit your phone's memory.

Our system's goal: to provide advanced solutions to businesses who want to stay in continuous touch with their clients.

The result: By blending together creativity, professionalism and vision, we developed a system that provides advanced email and text message mailing. The system allows businesses to maintain contact with existing clients with quickness and ease, while throwing in a few extra surprises.

Pulse Mobile– So simple, so easy

The Pulseem system is considered one of the most advanced in its field. Built from high-quality hardware, the system allows you to send text messages with maximum effectiveness and precision.

Today, you can easily manage SMS and MMS marketing campaigns:

· Design a mailing campaign using a user-friendly content editor

· Upload text, photos and HTML into the system

· Create fixed mailing templates

· Personalize your mailing content

· Create responsive content that matches every screen size

· Use open photos and upload files

· Pre-time your messaging

· Automatically time your campaigns for a specific recipient, based on destination time

Our service bundles match your needs like a glove

Our main goal is to find the simplest way to make your mailing more effective. You can choose a bundle from our diverse bundle selection– from the basic SMS-only bundles to the integrated bundle that offers the best of all worlds.

Want to hear more?

We are here for you. Contact us today, and benefit from a smart system that lets you send unlimited text messages– and much more!


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