How Can You Make Your Email Messages Stand Out?

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How Can You Make Your Email Messages Stand Out?

How Can You Make Your Email Messages Stand Out?

When many businesses use similar email marketing tactics, one has to wonder: how can an email message stand out in the crowd? The answer is smart symbol usage.

Take it from us: using symbols in your email subject header will help you capture your readers' attention, on way to reading your email. But if you decide to use symbols throughout your campaign, make sure you do it right. Here are a few useful tips:

The small symbols that make a difference

· Find the right symbol for your content– for example, if you're talking about travel, then use a plane symbol. If you're the owner of a flower shop, use a flower symbol, and so on.

· Create a list of the symbols that you will want to use– so you don't have to conduct a search every time you send an email or newsletter.

· Match your symbol with that special time of year: Valentine's Day, National Holidays and so on.

Pulseem has the right symbol

Adding a symbol may seem simple, but it's an exact science. Stray from the precise formula, and you'll get unwanted results. So how is it done right? Where should they be placed, and when? At Pulseem, we have all the answers, and we'll even throw in some creative thinking and an advanced system that makes everything very simple.

A small tip for the road– if you want your symbol to capture the recipient's attention, it's better to place it at the beginning of the subject header, for enhanced visibility.

Preserving the WOW effect

Is more really more? Or is it less? We believe that symbols should be used sparsely, in order to maintain their overall effect. It's better to use symbols during special occasions such as holidays and birthdays, and also during "slow months" when sales are low.

Adding symbols is a strategy backed by a lot of carefully-though out marketing expertise. Want to learn more? Contact us today and schedule a meeting. We'll be happy to share our knowledge with you and make you stand out among the competition.


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