SMS Marketing: The Advantages

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SMS Marketing: The Advantages

SMS Marketing: The Advantages

Naturally, one of the most effective marketing strategies is SMS marketing. SMS marketing helps advertisers reach their clients' most prized possession– their mobile phone– and deliver their message with ultimate precision and focus.

Marketing relies on cost-effectiveness. Every advertiser wants to maximize his or her assets and reach as many potential clients, while spending as little money as possible in the process. In an age where every person has a personal phone (or more), SMS marketing has become king. Unlike many content-based marketing techniques, it's highly likely that any text message that you send will be opened by the recipient in a short period of time. And if that's not enough, research has shown that no less than 70% of searches conducted via mobile phone lead to an action– approximately one hour from the initial search.

Mobile data

The most meaningful advantage of SMS marketing is that fact that it is a direct form of marketing, with no "middle man" except the phone devices themselves, who have long become "man's best friend". You will be surprised to discover that the average person reports a missing wallet after approximately 26 hours, yet he or she reports a missing mobile phone after approximately 68 minutes. And here's more amazing data: an average person responds to an email in approximately 90 minutes. An SMS response arrives after approximately 90 seconds.

Personalized marketing with added focus

SMS marketing allows advertisers to send personalized messages that can help recipients make a decision and take action. Imagine receiving a text message with your name and a birthday wish, as well as a special discount waiting just for you at a certain store, as a birthday present. What a feeling, right? It's a pretty good incentive to visit that particular store and treat yourself to something nice.

Food for thought

SMS marketing is possible only after the recipients' explicit consent. This consent is important from a legal standpoint and may help you avoid future legal complications, especially in light of today's stringent SPAM laws. Recipient consent means that the recipient is interested in receiving your messages and reviewing what you have to offer. As long as you remain attractive– there's no reason that you client won’t eventually become an avid enthusiast of your brand.

Proven success at every turn

SMS marketing has proven its efficiency, as it can reach a person's most close and intimate communication platform– his mobile phone. In an age of diminishing advertising budgets and super-smart technology, SMS marketing is on the rise. It's a focused, direct form of marketing– and offers the shortest distance between a message and a derivative client action.

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