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Pulseem – the Optimal Solution for Customer Retention

How Can You Improve Your Deliverability Rate?

The good thing (yes, the good thing) about deliverability issues is that we get a message that lets us know that something went wrong. This is message is like feedback that lets usknow that a problem exists, and that we need to fix it. Usually, the message will include details that will help us find a quick and simple solution.

If you asked yourself why you should use Pulseem's electronic mailing system, we have many answers. But if we focus on deliverability, then we can proudly say that our integrated system can generate reports that provide information regarding the error messages that you receive, as a basis for their classification. The system also automatically handles all errors, saving you precious time and headache. That's what we call effective.

Pulse CRM - automatic erroneous email and error message handling

Our electronic emailing system includes an automatic erroneous email management application. Usually, HARD error emails are taken off the mailing lists in order to avoid similar errors in the future. In case of MEDIUM or SPAM errors, we examine the error type to determine the necessary actions. This is done automatically via the electronic mailing system. Less advanced systems do not perform this type of automatic erroneous mail management– and as a result, you end up paying more for less.

Why choose the Pulseem system?

As we've stated in the past, we are perfectionists. We examine your issues on a daily basis and make sure everything is running smoothly:

· We prevent email address loss and make sure important data is received by the intended recipients

· We automatically locate "double email addresses" and erroneous information

· We handle returning emails and sending errors

· We offer you the option to monitor your electronic mailing

Why don't authorized emails reach their target?

Junk mail blockers exist in order to protect inboxes from spam. In fact, junk mail blocking and and businesses sending legitimate emails share a common goal– blocking junk mail and letting legit emails through. But many internet communities have unintentionally made it difficult for authorized senders to reach their recipients' inboxes. This can be prevented with Pulseem's system.

The Pulseem staff shares many years of experience and knowledge in the world of electronic mailing and messaging. We can offer you countless ways to make your email marketing more precise, effective and deliverable.

Want to hear more? We're here for you. Contact us today– we'll be glad to help.


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