The Importance of the Email Subject Header

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The Importance of the Email Subject Header

The Importance of the Email Subject Header

A good 'sales email' does two things: prompts the recipient open the email, and stimulates him or her perform an action. In this article, we'll focus on the first step– getting your clients to open your emails.

Despite the growing popularity of social media marketing, email marketing is still immensely powerful and profitable. According to recent data, 44% of registered email marketing recipients made a purchase following an email they had received. In addition, email marketing has excellent conversion rates.

How can your email subject help your campaign succeed?

In order to reach maximum results, you need to start thinking about your subject header. It's one of the most important aspects of your email marketing strategy, if not the most important. This is why:

· The subject makes the first impression

· The subject will determine if your recipients give your email more than a second's notice

According to studies, 35% of email recipients state that the subject determines if they open an email. 69% state that they reported emails as spam based on their subject alone. After determining the subject's overall importance, let's move on to five tips that will increase you email opening rates:

·Focus, focus, focus– assuming your email has been sent to an audience that chose to receive emails from you, and was professionally targeted, a clear subject header that hints to what your email discusses will lead to higher opening rates. A research involving over 45,000 recipients indicated that a clear and concise header will lead to more people opening an email, than a super-creative header.

·It all starts with conviction– Words have an effect on people, and some more than others. The average reader will not spend more than 3 seconds thinking if he or she wants to read your email. That's why you need to be convincing– and use the right words.

·Personalization– People react to their name in an irrational fashion. The same goes for subject headers. A subject with the recipient's first name will increase opening rates by 22%.

·Whatever works for you– Sign up for other businesses' mailing lists and start receiving their emails. Ask yourself which subject headers make you want to read the email, and which do not. It's a good lesson for your own campaign.

·Stay special– To increase your email opening rates, your subject must be unique and stand out among the email herd. But it must also promise added value to the recipient. So be special and stay focused– and you'll get the job done.

A/B Testing– The system that offers you firsthand experience

Pulseem's email marketing system offers you firsthand experience before you begin your campaign. Before you send an email to your entire mailing list, use A/B testing and examine your subject headers on 20% of your recipients.

Remember– create a relevant, interesting and focused subject header, and your opening rates will rise.

Your subject header is critical to your campaign's success. Want to maximize your email marketing results? Contact us today, and take the first step. We'll be waiting.


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