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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sending a Newsletter

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sending a Newsletter

By sending newsletters, you can send the right message to the right target audience, at precisely the right time, and help your clients make purchases, register, deliver information and more. Pulseem provides you with an integrated system that will upgrade your newsletter format from top to bottom.

One of the things that preoccupy business owners is customer retention. Newsletters are a proven effective tool to get the job done. But since newsletter management can get pretty tricky without the necessary knowledge and proficiency, we developed a unique technology that is designed to help you succeed. Introducing the Pulseem system.

Before we begin– what is a newsletter?

A newsletter is an online mailing tool that is sent to registered recipients via email. Newsletter distribution is performed automatically. In fact, newsletters are sent via an advanced system that operates in accordance with personal specifications, from the business outbox to its mailing list. The list usually includes clients that have agreed to receive this service. Newsletters help businesses keep in constant contact with their clients, while increasing production and revenue.

How does Pulseem fit into the story?

Pulseem offers you a licensed and advanced electronic mailing system that is ideal for sending newsletters. The system, which was developed by young and creative professionals who live and breathe online marketing, is helpful to businesses of all sizes with any distribution requirements. The system has several functions that allows users to receive personalized service, as well as tracking and monitoring.

How does our system work?

It's easy and efficient– every Pulseem user has a user name and password, and he or she can create personalized messaging on a daily basis. The integrated system helps business owners transmit messages with maximum ease, comfort and deliverability, while handling diverse electronic mailing issues– even those that most are unaware of.

The Pulseem system possibilities:

· Personalization

· Responsive electronic mailing

· Mailing list management

· Newsletters

· Creating& sending smart SMS

· Crating& sending MMS

· Responsive landing pages

· Landing pages for mobile

· Automation

· Advanced reports

· And more

Want to hear more about how to effectively send a newsletter? Or about our integrated system? Contact us today. Our experts will be glad to help!


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