Reaching your Clients has Never Been Easier

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Reaching your Clients has Never Been Easier

Reaching your Clients has Never Been Easier

In the past, businesses had to invest time, energy and resources in order to reach their clients. Today, all you have to do is use Pulseem's integrated system, which offers a world of opportunity in one synchronized pulse. Interested? Keep reading.

So yes, there are many ways to market your business, especially in today's digital age. But although the roads are plentiful, email marketing is the fastest and most precise. If you're asking about the how, what and why, we've got the answer: over 50% of the population opens their email inbox on a daily basis, so it's very likely that they'll notice your email. Our job is to get them to open your email, as well.

With the Pulseem system, email marketing never looked better

Pulseem's system offers countless possibilities for making email marketing even more efficient than you think.

o More emails to more recipients

o Advanced client management, segmentation and filtering

o Embedding recipient information within emails

o Receiving automatic information regarding faulty or repeat emails

o Email/SMS/MMS campaigns using a user-friendly content editor

o Email/SMS/MMS personalization

o Real-time tracking, stats, data analysis and insights

So why Pulseem? Good question

Email marketing may be relatively easy, due to the fast track to your recipient's inbox and the various tracking tools at your disposal, but don’t think that there aren't any obstacles. This is where the Pulseem team comes in. We live and breathe email marketing and specialize in solving problems before they happen. We think of everything, and have assembled a few tips that'll help you conquer the obstacles in your path.

Jump over the spam fence

Did you know that in Israel and many other countries, you need the recipient's prior consent to send emails for marketing purposes? As a result, the emails you send may never arrive in the recipients' inboxes, due to spam filters that filter out marketing emails that are automatically classified as junk mail.

So what can be done?

o Use a licensed email marketing company that promises high deliverability and provides campaign statistics– like Pulseem.

o Get your recipients' consent– make sure you have a list of clients who authorized email marketing, either in writing or by registering through your website.

o Personalization– add personal data within the email or email subject.

Email marketing can significantly increase your income. But it has to be smart, effective and in full alignment with your business objectives.

The Pulseem team is here for you. We’ll be happy to provide consultation and design the best marketing tools for your business. Interested in hearing more? Contact us. Meet with us. The coffee is on us.


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