Unsolicited Emails, AKA Spam

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Unsolicited Emails, AKA Spam

Unsolicited Emails, AKA Spam

Junk mail is an email that reaches your email inbox without your consent. Also known as UBE (Unsolicited Bulk Email) or UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email), junk mail is an e-nuisance that everyone would like to see disappear.

Did you know?

Half of the emails sent on a daily basis all over the world are spam. Spam costs the global economy more than 10 billion dollars annually. A large portion of this massive sum is spent on worktime. Why? Because managing junk mail takes a large portion of organizations' and private users' time. A lot of effort is invested in keeping junk mail from entering inboxes. This filtering also decreases the business potential of legitimate commercial online mailing.

So what can be done?

In one word: Pulseem.

Online mailing is one of the most effective ways to reach clients and keep them updated on sales, news and new products and services. But advanced junk mail filtering systems often prevent your emails from reaching your recipients' inboxes– and you may not even be aware of it. So we came up with an electronic mailing system that will help you enjoy maximum deliverability.

Can spam be avoided? If so, then how?

Spammers have many ways of obtaining email addresses. They usually get them from websites. But the more traditional way for obtaining email addresses is to simply combine names and send emails to every address. If the email doesn't return, the spammer knows he or she found a legit email address. This method is also known as_____ or _______. While spam cannot be fully exterminated, there are a few ways to secure email addresses from falling into the wrong hands. Email providers have also recently added stringent security measures, while leaving the choice of authorizing spam email to the email address owners. In addition, there a certain standards and regulations working both in favor of and against spammers.

Not all roads lead to the spam inbox

When you send an email via an electronic mailing list, your first goal is to reach your recipient's inbox, because if you don’t, your campaign will never get off the ground. The problem begins with all the advanced spam filtering tools, which may hamper your deliverability. This is the where the Pulseem system comes in. Our system is fully-adapted to provide you with maximum deliverability.

With our advanced technology, knowledge and vision, we can help you realize your main goal– and reach your target audience. If you want more information, just give us a call. We'll be glad to help.


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