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Importance of using e-mail in virtual stores

The Importance of using e-mail in virtual stores

Congratulations, you have a virtual store. The products are great, also the prices. Now all that's left is to get customers and make sure they come back. Here, it turns out, your products are not enough. You need a marketing force that will attract visitors to the store and make them want to buy with you. An excellent way to do this is a newsletter - direct mail to the customer's e-mail box containing information about your store, promotions, hot products and reminders about their shopping cart.

A newsletter is not a dirty word. Although they were once perceived as spam, today's newsletters serve customers and drive for immediate action, especially in virtual storeswhere the customer does not have to leave the house, call or perform an action that requires any effort to make a purchase. All he has to do is click on the link in the newsletter and complete the Purchase. This is a very fast and efficient tool for increasing purchases on the site in a short time, which every virtual store must adopt.

A newsletter is also a way to put your brand in the customer's mind. To see the name of the store in the mailbox frequently - once a week, two weeks or a month - has been proven to be particularly effective, just like a store sign that you pass every day on the street. If it's there, it exists.

There are different types of newsletters, and not all are suitable for any purpose or business. The beauty is that you do not have to commit to winning only one type. There is always room to diversify and combine different types, depending on your target audience.

A marketing newsletter, as its name indicates, is a list of various products in your store, with an emphasis on hot products and promotions. Take advantage of the platform to create a sense of "do not miss" urgency. Take advantage of opportunities such as holidays, seasons and special events to promote relevant products, and of course customer-focused deadlines, such as his birthday.

A subscription newsletter is what receives your customers after they register or make a first purchase. It is intended to create an intimate connection with the recipient, and an incentive to return, usually in the form of a unique discount for the next purchase.

A cart abandonment newsletter is a reminder to a customer who filled out a shopping cart and for one reason or another did not complete the purchase. An email from you will remind him to go back and make the purchase that he might have forgotten, or offer a discount incentive to complete the purchase. This newsletter gives you another chance to catch up with those abandoning customers and turn them into loyal customers.

You can also create a newsletter based on articles and content with added value to the customer. If you sell cell phones, take the opportunity to update your recipients in the hot news. Sell??baby equipment? Great opportunity to give fresh parents tips for a good night's sleep. The formula for effective content newsletter is 90% articles and 10% marketing material. Every article is an opportunity to market a particular product or a hot sale.

Writing an effective newsletter is not a simple task, but you can succeed if you follow a few rules of thumb:

  • Creative title: The subject line of the email will usually decide whether it will open or not. A newsletter is a classic case of yes judging the book by the cover. A boring headline may lead to your newsletter being aligned to spam.
  • Regular schedule: Sending a newsletter at regular intervals creates anticipation and a habit at the customer's mind, so be sure not to annoy the recipient and bomb the mailbox, but on the other hand, it will be sufficient to preserve your name in his mind.
  • Incentives: The right time to include promotions, special discounts and special offers is: Always! A client who expects to receive a tempting offer in an email is a customer who will re-open the next newsletter and, more importantly, make a purchase on the site.

Effective e-mail is right at your fingertips.


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