Pulseem: the system that delivers your message with ease and efficiency

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Pulseem: the system that delivers your message with ease and efficiency

Pulseem: the system that delivers your message with ease and efficiency

Email marketing has quickly become one of the most efficient marketing techniques for businesses. Top-quality email marketing can help you recruit new clients, maintain old one and keep in touch with just about everyone. How can this be done? Here are a few tips.

Before we share all of our ideas, we just want to point out that the one little detail that will make the biggest difference is your mailing system. When you use Pulseem's integrated system, you'll get a natural head start. So hang on tight– we're going for a ride.

The 'Subject' is your email's beating pulse

You'll be surprised to discover that the difference between an email that gets your attention and one that doesn't is super thin. In fact, it mostly has to do with the email's subject line. We recommend that you choose a short, concise subject that gets your main message across. And be creative.

In addition, consider the following two parameters:

1. Your readers' patience gets shorter and shorter with every marketing email they receive.

2. There are email software that will not display all of your content.

To overcome these issues, you need to place your most important messages at the top part of your email.

Personal is best

Email marketing works like a well-oiled machine, sending out emails automatically, with no personal touch. Or does it? With Pulseem, you can automatically personalize your emails with no effort on your part.

Touch and go: how to get your readers to react

Let's ask the inevitable: what is the purpose of email marketing? The answer is to get your readers to react. Don’t ever forget this. Design your content so that your readers are engaged from the get-go. Make your links prominent and attractive with words such as "press here", "contact now", "leave your details" or any other call-to-actions that comes to mind. You have to be clear and concise, and also very creative. And don’t forget your main message.

Test you emails on a focus group before sending it out

People learn from experience. So before you push 'Send' and send your emails to your entire mailing list, send it out to a focus group and get their opinion on your design and content. Don’t forget that as soon as your send your email to your mailing list, there's no way back. By sending your email to various email accounts, you can see for yourself how it looks from the recipient's side, before you actually send it out.

And most importantly– use the Pulseem toolbox. It's there for your benefit!

We built our system so that you can design a marketing campaign that'll make a true difference. Our brains are overflowing with creative solutions that make email marketing much easier and more efficient. Interested in learning more? Let's meet. We look forward to hearing from you!


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