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On the other hand

The Corona virus swirled the economy, keeping the sons and daughters of the human race apart  but humanity never stops consuming products and services, even if in some other way  What is the best way to reach your customers these days? (Hint: It's not with the elbow)

In the last few weeks, all the familiar cards of the marketing and advertising world have been devoured. Campaigns were shelved, humor changed, stores became warehouses and couriers became the busiest professionals. And in fact, on the one hand, most of the market has gone to a halt and stopped budgets.

On the other hand, all companies are undergoing an optimization process and are looking for new avenues to grow. We see companies that talk our way through years of simply changing track, changing product, streamlining.

On the one hand, TV and digital advertising campaigns have dropped significantly since most of the market is not functioning.

On the other hand, the cost of exposure has dropped significantly and advertising has become much cheaper and attractive. For example, if you plan to budget 30% for net image advertising, this is a great opportunity to stand out, and if you plan to market a new product or service soon, it's time to tell customers what your plan for the future is.

On the one hand, they are all closed in homes, far away from each other and are looking for internet types of employment: parents order creative products for children, adults buy online courses and take the free time to complete vocational education and refine hobbies - including repairs and minor home renovations.

On the other hand, everyone longs to communicate. People read more, create more, talk more on the phone, all the news sites, and - even all the emails sent to them. Especially those that contain quality and relevant content for these days and the free time they create. Your customers are waiting for newsletters about your business, the special qualities of your products and services, tailored to these days.

On the one hand, the economy in a kind of halt, on the other, a business never stops. There is always something to do. Whether it's order, downsizing, future plans, building new infrastructure, studying, finishing the site, building new points of sale online. Know this phrase from time to time "If only I had time" ... then it's time.

You have a repository of your clients' email addresses - send them newsletters and text messages with quality content, tell them what plans for the future, thoughts, suggestions and everything that characterizes, because we are emotionally connected to small businesses. Local Population - This is your time to reach out to your neighborhood residents, offer them what they need and strengthen their relationship with them. They will also remember you the day after.

On the one hand, customers are far away.

On the other hand, there is a chance to be closest.

Get closer.

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