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From here to a new message - this is how you will send the perfect SMS

There is no need to say too much about the benefits of marketing via SMS, and yet we will mention: when you send marketing messages, you have the privilege of reaching the palm of your potential customer, and the age of using the smartphone decreases. Every day potential audiences are added and they do not put the device out of hand, literally.

When your business or brand reaches the customer's smartphone, there are some do's and don'ts:

Who am I and what is my name?
Identify the business name in the SMS header. Do not hide behind different nicknames. You have a brand, you are proud of it - call it by its name. And one more thing: leave a phone call back in the body of the message. If the customer needs more information - give him the opportunity to talk to you, and there is a good chance that you will reach the purchase.

The message must be clear. And short.
Flash Sale? 50% off a particular product? The customer was chosen to be a VIP and enjoy special benefits? Tell them that from the beginning. Time is short and the messages are multiple, and customers' patience, as well as their attention, is not really long

Zero Mistakes
Do not rush to submit. Read the message carefully, and let a few more people do it. A message with spelling errors is a big no-no.

Segmentation and segmentation
Your customers are not one homogeneous adherent. They have different characteristics, demographic and psychological, that are important to consider - both in the adjustment of the product or promotion, and in the wording. You can read more about segmentation in the full article here (put a link to the previous article).

Yes, it's personal.
Do not be ashamed to contact your client by their first name. You know him, the software allows, so why not? Especially when it comes to birthdays or anniversaries and the special benefit that accompanies them.

Sorry, what time do you have?
Pay attention to the time of day. You can schedule your text messages easily, use this option! Sending a message too early in the morning or too late at night will upset your customers. On the other hand, smart timing that takes into account special dates or hours when your customers are relaxed and free to read the messages will result in much higher opening percentages, and with them the purchases for which we have gathered.

Do not bother
True, SMS messages are a great tool, but multiple sending creates brand indifference, or irritates and encourages removal. Plan your text messages wisely, and count them well.

Do not forget the option to remove!
This way you will reduce unwanted customers, waste energy on them and be transparent and fair. A customer who does not want to receive the SMS messages will not be deterred by your brand if you honor his request, and he may purchase products from you in the future. A customer you annoyed - may give up your services, and it's a shame.

Analyzing, processing and drawing conclusions:
Do not miss this step in any SMS campaign. The effectiveness of the messages depends on many parameters, and yet there is something to be learned from the opening percentages of the messages, the percentage of "remove" requests, from the site entries through the message and more. An intelligent analysis of the campaigns will improve those that come in the future, and increase the chances of purchase.


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