Infographics- Consumer behavior in digital channels during the Corona period

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Infographics- Consumer behavior in digital channels during the Corona period

2020 will be remembered as a year with lots disappearing, but one thing is for sure: This is the best time to communicate with your customers!

In light of the changes that have taken place in recent months, we have analyzed information from thousands of businesses working with the Pulseem system to learn how marketing patterns and consumer behavior have changed since the beginning of the crisis, the conclusion reflected in the data is clear:

From the beginning of March to September, your customers open a lot more newsletters, spend more time on them and click on a lot more links whether it's in emails or SMS messages compared to the same period last year.

Why is this happening?

Your customers are thirsty for information and look forward to seeing relevant content about the products you offer, benefits and value propositions relevant to their situation or updates on dealing with the new situation.

We have compiled the information for you in the infographic in front of you.
You are welcome to review the data and examine your use of these tools and channels.

Contact us in the chat, at the email address: or by phone: 03-5240290 and we will be happy Be at your disposal.

To download the Infographics in PDF click here


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