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Pulse Pages - An innovative system for landing page building and management

Pulse Pages
An innovative system for landing page building and management

As its name implies, a landing page is a web-based page that users "land on", as part of an online marketing campaign. An effective landing page focuses the user's attention to your message, and prompts him or her to perform a specific action. In other words, landing pages help your business take off.

Imagine you could design and create any landing page you wanted, in just a few easy steps. Imagine using ready-made templates or a template you designed on your own. Imagine doing all of this without asking a website building company for help. Wouldn’t this give your business a significant boost?

Pulse Pages– imagination becomes reality

With Pulseem's Pulse Pages system, you can design and create landing pages on your own, and enjoy an entire world of limitless possibilities:

· Full-responsiveness

· Forms for mobile

· Registration forms

· Info sheets

· Texts, pics and social toolbars

· Floating forms

· Ready-made templates/templates of your own design

Your landing page will be stored on our secure servers, allowing you to include a direct link to it on any email you send out. In addition, you can also add the link to your website or any other media of your choice.

Find your pulse, anytime and anywhere

Landing pages' most significant advantage is their ability to provide you with more details regarding each and every one of the users that entered the page from your website or from google and other search engines. This allows you to create effective mailing lists and market your services and products directly to those interested in your services, with maximum adjustment to the population segments that they represent.

How can you measure the effectiveness of your landing page?

The Conversion Rate allows you to measure the effectiveness of the landing page you have built. In simple terms, the Conversion Rate is an indicator that shows you how many users that entered your page performed the desired action. Needless to say, the higher the conversion rate– the better off you are. This is where Pulse Analytics comes in. The system allows you to track, review statistics, analyze data and make smart decisions regarding your campaign.

Know your clients

Other than letting you track the number of users you have engaged, Pulse CRM and Pulse Mobile will allow you to contact each of them personally. The background data that you accumulate will help you conduct successful future follow-ups that may significantly increase your revenues.

For more information on the Pulse Pages system and landing page management, contact us today!

We'll be happy to add more pulse to your business.


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