Electronic Mailing Lists: Everything you wanted to Know and were Afraid to Ask

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Electronic Mailing Lists: Everything you wanted to Know and were Afraid to Ask

Electronic Mailing Lists:
Everything you wanted to Know and were Afraid to Ask

How can you spread your message to a large number of recipients with ease and effeciency? What else can electronic mailing lists do? How can they help you touch your clients' hearts? You asked, so we'll tell all.

Electronic mailing lists are considered one of the most effective online marketing tools. Besides keeping in touch with your clients on a regular basis, electronic mailing systems help you increase revenue. But how can businesses unlock the true advantages of electronic mailing? Here are our answers.

The intro: what are electronic mailing systems?

In recent years, electronic mailing services have become increasingly common in both private and commercial sectors. Yet most well-known services, which are designed for daily use, are not used for the purpose of sending emails to vast amounts of clients, and are also ill– equipped for keeping in regular touch with clients. To complete the latter tasks, electronic mailing systems were invented, and they have been making things easy for businesses ever since.

Spreading the message at the push of a button

Electronic mailing systems provide a solution to two main issues:

· Keeping clients in the loop regarding current business news and updates

· Calling clients to action regarding product or service purchasing

Instead of sending separate emails to each and every client, electronic mailing systems allow businesses to spread their message at the push of a button. And that's not all: you can also send separate messages to different groups, based on your specific objectives. For example: you can send one message to new subscribers and another message to the rest of your crowd.

All the possibilities that you never knew existed

Electronic mailing systems are more than just email-sending machines. They're more complex than that. With mailing systems, you can send text messages to select mailing list members, use pre-timed messaging, conduct precise mailing list segmentation and perform campaign management, tracking and analysis. You can see who opened your message and when, how many people clicked on the links you attached, and much more. You can also ensure a high level of deliverability and avoid your recipients' spam inbox.

Here are three helpful tips before you begin:

·Get your recipients' consent– the first and most important thing is not to send anyone content, unless they sent you their consent. This is the place to note that in most cases, being a member of your mailing list is construed as consent. In addition, we recommend that you add a message that allows recipients to remove themselves from your mailing list, to every email you send out.

·Keep it personal– we recommend that you keep your messages personal. Personalization, together with smart and attractive design, are the building blocks of an effective email. And don’t forget to put to together a killer subject line. Your subject line can be the difference between opening and reading, and total disregard.

·Follow the results– electronic mailing systems provide you with cutting-edge campaign tracking tools. All you have to do is learn how to follow the stats and data supplied by the system. This can help you get a sense of the 'big picture'– what works, what doesn’t, and what can be improved.

The main goal of Pulseem's professional staff is to help you pave the quickest and most effective way into your clients' hearts. Pulseem's system has many advantages, which are based on our extensive online marketing knowledge and our creative thinking process.

For more information on our electronic mailing system, contact us today. You'll enjoy a wide variety of advanced solutions!


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