What is Email Deliverability?

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What is Email Deliverability?

What is Email Deliverability?

In the world of electronic mailing, deliverability means success. If you're just starting out, we're here to help you improve your email deliverability– so that your recipients can spot and read your emails. Bingo.

Let's start things off by asking a simple question– what's so hard about sending an email? All you need to do is write it, address it, and send it. That's it, right? Well, no. Your email will not be received by all intended recipients. To be precise, approximately 40% of your recipients' inboxes will classify your email as spam, and 10% won’t get it at all.

Why don't almost half of your recipients receive your email?

This happens for two main reasons:

· Junk mail blockers

· Return to sender: Erroneous emails are classified as "returned to sender", and do not reach the recipient for a number of reasons. The email is sent, but the recipient's email provider identifies a problem and notifies the recipient.

How does an email become erroneous?

For two main reasons:

· A technical problem with the recipient's email– sometimes, people send emails to addresses that don’t exist. This is called a HARD error. The addresses may be misspelled, or have been shut down by their owners.

· A temporary technical problem with email deliverability– this can include internet connectivity, internet infrastructure maintenance and more. These temporary issues (usually referred to as MEDIUM) are treated differently by different electronic mailing systems, depending on issue classification.

The importance of deliverability

After examining the statistics, the big picture becomes evident: the higher the deliverability rate, the more efficient the mailing sent to the recipients. It's that simple. This is where Pulseem's integrated system comes in. The system is designed to maintain a high level of deliverability and automatically handle any returned or erroneous emails.

The first step for deliverability begins with Pulseem. We invite you to join a world of business& email marketing possibilities. Contact us today.


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