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Email System

Email marketing campaigns became a prominent tool in any company's marketing arsenal a few years ago. It happened mainly because email marketing campaigns allow you to both substantially increase your monthly income, as well as constantly interact with your customers.

In the following article we will tell you a bit more about the email marketing systems that make it easier for you to get your message to as many recipients as you like - quickly and easily.

What are email marketing systems anyway?

Most of us are used to sending out our emails using the Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail's web servers. Some of you probably use the built-in Outlook Express. Both options were built and designed in order to deliver your emails and messages to a rather small audience, let alone constantly keeping in touch with your expanding list of customers. This is exactly where the email marketing systems come in.

Email marketing systems were built in order to keep your mailing list subscribers up to date as far as the latest news of your business is concerned. More importantly, email marketing campaigns, launched by email marketing systems, and are used in order to motivate customers towards the purchase of a certain product or service you have to offer.

Instead of sending separate emails to every customer, email marketing systems, allow you to send the same message to all of them - with a single click. You obviously can also send separate messages to different selected groups of recipients, you sort out in advance just as you see fit. For example, you might choose sending a different message to new recipients, and a completely different one to the veterans.

You ought to remember that mailing lists are incredibly useful because they consist of people who wish to purchase your products and services. We are talking about the core target audience and email marketing systems are the ones helping you to manage your relationship with them.

What can you do using email marketing systems?

Apart from sending out emails, email marketing systems, allow you to send all of your mailing list subscribers real-time SMS messages, as well as at pre-scheduled ones.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to receive detailed monitoring reports that will disclose the Open Rate, The Click-Through Rate and so on. All of this of course without having to break the spam law, while at the same time ensuring yourself a high deliverability rate used in order to prevent the mail you send out from reaching the Spam directory directly.

Three important tips you should remember regarding email marketing systems

The first thing you should always keep in mind is making sure that all of your recipients have provided you with an explicit approval and consent to send them any promotional messages. Obviously, when they fill in their details on your landing page and check the appropriate box – this is usually considered as an explicit approval. Also, always remember to post a link at the bottom of your page – to be used by recipients that wish to unsubscribe.

We also recommend you add a personal touch, some kind of a personal appeal to the emails you send out. Nice design, attractive content and an effective call for action is in fact the perfect combination. You should also pay close attention to the words you use in your subject line. Every single word can make a difference.

Finally, it is extremely important that you learn to keep track of all the statistics your email marketing system can provide. Constant monitoring and surveillance will certainly help you see the entire picture - and make well-informed decisions as to the future of email marketing campaign.

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