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Welcome to Pulseem's Partners Program

Partners Plan
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Corporate partner programs are one of the most common means used to increase any business's monthly income, while at the same time forging initial partnerships that may lead to a more substantial joint endeavor later on.

Here at Pulseem we offer you three main channels through which you can join our partners program:
1.Word of mouth – all you need to do is to provide us with the name and phone number of the potential client who might be interested in our services. We will contact him directly and if they sign an agreement to become a Pulseem client, you will receive a 10% commission fee. This is the best way to increase your income without going through any real trouble. One phone number can be worth a lot of money.

2.Managing your own customers – alternatively, you can offer Pulseem's electronic mailing system to any of your existing customers and work with them directly on a daily basis. This solution can your customers' uncertainty about working with an unfamiliar company. In other words, your customers will continue working with you, while at the same time exposing themselves to an entirely new and exciting world of possibilities that will help them keep in touch with their own customers and turn them into loyal brand ambassadors.

3.Private Label - finally, the private label is essentially an upgraded version of the second channel of cooperation. This will allow you to market Pulseem's email marketing system under your own corporate brand. We will personally embed your logos, slogans and any other visual accessories on the system you receive from us, so that your customers won't even notice the difference.

Why should you join Pulseem's Partners Program today?

Joining one of our partners program channels obviously has the potential to yield a profit, the extent of which will be determined by the channel you choose. The more substantial the cooperation – the higher the profit you could receive.

Joining our company's partners program will provide you with the opportunity to work closely with one of the most experienced email marketing companies in the market. We believe that our extensive range of clients and our business reputation speak for themselves. In addition, the ability to make use of Pulseem's electronic mailing system and to market it as your own will provide you with a significant competitive advantage – a major strategic tool worth a great deal in contemporary business world.

Finally, joining our Partners Program allows you to increase your exposure and corporate branding by advertising your company logo alongside a brief description of your company on a specially designated Business Partners page that appears on our website, which due to its significant daily traffic, will exposure you to a variety of potential new business contacts.

So what are you waiting for? Join Pulseem's Partners Program today. For further information please call 03-524-0290